Thursday, October 28, 2010

Have we really lost it??

YES...We have lost village panchayat election!

People say, the truth prevails...believe me at one point of time I thought so and am not saying that I have stopped believing on it...But its a fact that we lost. We lost to those who were untruthful, unfaithful...

But I am happy that we fought in a very clean and decent way...but is it enough to fight an election this way; that too in eastern Uttar Pradesh...probably not....nope, I am damn sure you can not win an election in a decent way...politics can not be done sitting on the bank of need to enter into deep...feel it, be part of it, gulp it and then come out...probably we did not do this way.

what was our hypothesis? we thought if we show our villagers that look "we are a well educated family, working at various top level positions. We know various policies and programmes run by govt and we have a vision for the villgae" they would vote for me...but probably we did not consider the null hypothesis, a very basic concept I learnt while working on research projects. we should have started with null hypothesis and worked backward.

I watched Rakth Charitra few days back and realized that the truth prevails but for this you need to have enormous power, strength and capacity to work as a parallel govt if needed...but we didnt have all this. why this is needed in a village like ours? those who have not stayed in villages might find it absurd, but let me tell you one story:
"during the election campaigning one of the SC community person came and told me that the other party is threating him of dire consequences after elections are over because he was supporting us. Now I had to assure him that nothing like this would happen; but I and he both knew that I do not have power with me and the administration was in other person's favor. I tried but failed to assure him that 'nothing would happen to him'".

Now morale of this is that whether its village politics or politics on road one need to have enough support to form a parallel government if required; by saying this am not meaning that there is no relevance to regular govt but you would agree to me that most of the time you need to act differently, if want to get your work done through govt systems.

I am disappointed by the result; but at the same time getting the real feel of politics. Hopefully time would come when, we would be able to prove that the truth prevails. We need to work differently. We need to plan for next elections. 

We would bounce back...thats for sure.

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